Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions constitute the Contract between you (the pet owner) and us (All Care Pet Transport Pty Ltd ABN 98 626 896 115) herein called ACPT.

All Care Pet Transport Terms and Conditions for Pet Travel

  • Pets less than 8 weeks will not be accepted for travel
  • A fit to fly certificate (issued within 14 days of departure) will be required if your pet is
  • 8-12 weeks old or over 12 years old
  • Pregnant or has given birth within 48hrs
  • Sedated, sick, injured or recovering from surgery
  • Aggressive dogs will not be accepted
  • Dogs traveling to Tasmania will require Hydatid Tapeworm treatment prior to travel
  • If you are providing your own airline approved crate you confirm that it complies with IATA requirements. Crates that are not compliant will not be accepted by the airline. If an emergency crate hire is needed, this will be at the owner’s expense.
  • It is recommended that brachycephalic/snub nosed breeds travel in crates 1 size larger than would normally be required and travel is planned to avoid warm weather . Brachycephalic/snub nose breeds are also required to complete a BOAS examination by a registered Veterinarian within 7 days of travel . ACPT are not held responsible for the outcome of the assessment.  Please note that travel of certain birds, reptiles and hooved animals within Australia may require a permit from the Local Governent Authority. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the required Permits and book any required release inspections with the local Government Authority.

All Care Pet Transport is not responsible for the following:

  • While the utmost care and attention is given to clients’ pets, they are handled with the understanding that ACPT, the kennels, the airline and veterinarian are at no time to be held responsible for loss, death, illness, injury, or accident due to any cause, either natural or accidental
  • Any fees due to airline delays, cancellation of flights, incorrect routing by airlines, and change of aircraft type or available capacity by airlines. Additional charges for kennelling and extra trips to the airport are at the owner’s expense
  • loss of veterinary documents by airlines.
  • Pet Off-loads, the airline has the right to off-load any/all animals on any given flight due to priority freight and passenger freight.

All Care Pet Transport Payment & Cancelation Terms

  • Full payment to be finalised upon booking. Flights will not be secured without full payment.
  • Please note that a charge of 1% is charged on Visa or MasterCard transactions.
  • Changes to flights once booked incur $30.00 charge , including flight cancellations by airline.
  • Cancellations incur $ 10 0.00 charge and any cost incurred to ACPT if within 1 week of travel.
  • It is important to supply your pets correct weight. Pe ts will be weighed at the departing port and any additional weight cost will be forwarded onto the owner.

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