Frequently Asked Questions

How & where do pets travel on the plane

All pets travel in IATA standard and airline approved travel crate. They must have enough room to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably in the crate. These crates are available in Plastic and wood, and all include a water bowl. Pets travel a cargo hold that is temperature and pressure controlled by the pilots on the flight deck much the same as the main passenger cabin. Whilst on the flight no personnel have access to the cargo hold.

Can I feed my pet before collection and can he have food and water when they are travelling?

We do not recommend feeding your pet immediately prior to collection (6hrs as the general rule). This is to prevent any potential motion sickness that may incur from travelling in our vans or on board the aircraft.
Most flights are of a short enough duration that they will not require feeding. In the cases where your pet's journey is a sequence of very long flights we will arrange for a rest stop where your pet will be let of his or her crate and fed. A water bowl is fixed to the inside of your pet's travel crate and this will be topped up with water prior to each flight and at any stopovers.

What can I send in the travel crate?

A small bed or blanket can be sent along with your pet as long as they do not take up to much of your pet's room. We recommend putting an old t-shirt or another item of clothing that you have recently worn in the travel crate - your smell may provide some extra comfort to your pet. Please be aware that some countries will dispose of any bedding or toys on arrival. We will not be able to send any additional caging, kennels, toys, or bowls inside your pets traveling crate.

How long before the flight do the pets need to be at the airport?

Usually 90 minutes prior to the departure time for domestic flights within Australia and 3 hours prior to the departure time for international flights.

Will my pet be sedated?

No we do not recommend sedation. A sedated pet has greater difficulty regulating their own body temperature, breathing & heart rate. If your pet is especially anxious or nervous, there are several natural remedies and sprays which can be used. Our crates are sprayed with a pheromone to help relax your pet and helps calm them during the flight making sure they feel safe and secure throughout the journey.

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